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If you choose to accept the mission read on...

The wonderful work of the World Forum for Early Childhood led to the creation of international working forums to support the change process and to create networks for colleagues to connect to each other and support their work across the world.

One of the working forums was the Nature Action Collaborative for Children (NACC). As part of the network, I would like to acknowledge Gillian McAuliffe from Australia and Bishnu Bhatta from Nepal who collaborated on the first event.

Since then it has spread across the world, through time zones and climates to connect people together on one day a year to play with and in mud. The Earth belongs to no one but everyone which ensures it connects all of us. What better way to celebrate our connectivity to each other but than through International Mud Day.

As part of our role on the European Leadership team with Marc Veekamp and Helle Nebelong we are supporting groups everywhere to take part in the event, with the hope that the wonderful experience will convince everyone to make MUD POSSIBLE, rather than impossible as many people still think.

Building mud dams


Making mud pizzas


Drawing in mud


which creatures love mud?

Last year at Auchlone Nature Kindergarten we had a wonderful time making mud pizzas, building mud dams, carving out giant mud puddles to jump into and using mud to create muddy faces on the trees.


This year we asked the children what they would like to do. Many days here in Scotland are in fact rather muddy so the activities need to be something a little different for it to be a special day!

We decided to put a Talking Tub together so that the children had a wider idea of all the possibilities that could take place and they then used a three-dimensional mind map to help them express their knowledge and show preferences. So far the children are keen to give their parents and carers mud face packs, explore grinding down rock and earth to be different coloured muds and full body immersion followed by a hose down. Our International Mud Day

Do you want to incorporate more play and learning with mud within your setting?

We have an online course created by Claire Warden 'Introduction to Mud Kitchens' which examines the principles behind mud kitchen design that give children empowerment and autonomy in their outdoor landscapes.

We also have an on-demand webinar 'Creating a Mud Kitchen', presented by Claire that introduces mud kitchens and the role they have in truly engaging children and providing a wealth of fun and learning.

Our portable learning cards give you a pocket full of ideas for mud play.

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