The Floorbook Club

The Floorbook Club

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Let's learn from each others' Floorbooks!

Thousands of early years practitioners worldwide use Floorbooks in their settings. What if there was a central place where we could see each others' Floorbooks in real-time as they evolve?

That place is The Floorbook Club, where you can view a selection of Floorbooks AND get coaching from Dr Claire Warden on best practices in the use of Floorbooks. 

You will be able to have access to digital versions of both in-progress and completed Floorbooks from real teachers and children. And to make it even more valuable, Claire will walk you through each page, analysing elements of best practice that will help you in your own setting.

By becoming a member of this innovative club, you will be guaranteed weekly inspirational Floorbook content and guidance from Claire and a global community of practitioners who are as passionate as you are about empowering children's voices through the Floorbook Approach.

Here is what you can expect by joining The Floorbook Club:

  • Full digital access to completed Floorbooks that give you a clear overview of methodology from start to finish
  • Full digital access to Floorbooks that are currently in-progress, so you can watch them evolve in real-time as the practitioners add more pages
  • Each Floorbook is accompanied by reflections and descriptions from the practitioner, as well as analytical reports for evaluation
  • Develop skills of inquiry-based documentation through strategies such as the Floorbooks
  • Understand what makes responsive in-the-moment planning so effective
  • Get page-by-page analysis and commentary on selected Floorbooks by Dr Claire Warden that demonstrate best practice
  • Be part of a global community of Floorbook enthusiasts - let's learn from each others' experiences
  • Exclusive access, discounts and offers on selected Mindstretchers programs, training courses and books
  • OPTIONAL - You can apply for your own Floorbooks to be included to receive direct coaching, feedback and certificates from Dr Claire Warden.

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