FREE DOWNLOAD Floorbooks Poster

FREE DOWNLOAD Floorbooks Poster

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A free downloadable poster to save as a PDF or print yourself. Display the poster within your setting to support you and your colleagues as you use Floorbooks for inquiry-based learning and play.

"It would appear, from training across the world, that people are aware of what they need to do, but lack a clear methodology to achieve it. The Talking and Thinking Floorbook Approach has been adopted by many centres to support child-led learning." Excerpt from Dr Claire Warden's Talking and Thinking Floorbooks® Book.

Observation, documentation, assessment and planning are most effective when they are matched to the needs of the child. In order to achieve this we need to understand children's thinking, through considering all the ways in which they communicate. The Floorbook Approach® provides tools for practitioners to listen to children, to open up conversations and to document their thinking, in order to create progression and challenge their thinking.

Dr Claire Warden's Talking and Thinking Floorbooks book is available to purchase here.

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