FREE DOWNLOAD - Nature Play Diary - Orientation

FREE DOWNLOAD - Nature Play Diary - Orientation

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FREE DOWNLOAD - Nature Play Diary - Orientation

Create, gather and share

This free download has ideas for exploring with schema. Young children between 18 months to 2 years old enjoy repeatable patterns of behaviour called schema. One of these is orientation, observing things from different viewpoints.

We really want to support families during these challenging times...

So we've created the Mindstretchers Academy Nature Play Diary.

Don't forget to download the Nature Play Diary Support Notes as well!

This is a free resource that's perfect for playing with children in the early years taking inspiration from nature. It's made up of free downloadable sheets for practitioners to share with parents and carers so that they can create their own Nature Play Diary.

Our Nature Play Diary will help parents and carers to:

  • Create ideas and plans with their children.
  • Gather ideas from Dr Claire Warden of things to do inside, outside and beyond.
  • Share images of the things they do together to create a diary of wonderful memories. The children can take their diary back to their early years setting or school when they return so their experiences can be explored further.

Our Nature Play Diary has support notes and comes with a free online talk for parents and carers on how to use inquiry-based learning (based on Dr Claire Warden's Floorbook Approach) to bring out the best in their children's play and learning. 

These are FREE resources but if you enjoy using our Nature Play Diary, a donation (no matter how small or large) would be very welcome!

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