The Nurture Series - Webinars with Dr Claire Warden

The Nurture Series - Webinars with Dr Claire Warden

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The Nurture Series

Join Dr Claire Warden for all 3 webinars and benefit from our exclusive discount.

Nurturing a Culture of Caring – This is a recording of a live webinar

Times of crisis make core values visible in people through the behaviours they display. In this live webinar Dr Claire Warden will explore the importance of caring for yourself and others during this challenging time. This could be an opportunity for you to pause and examine yourself, press re-set and commit to supporting a culture of caring based on love and care for yourself, each other, and the planet.

Nurture Through Nature – This is a recording of a live webinar

Current thinking is that being outdoors in the natural world may be part of a solution for children facing transitions between isolation at home and schools/settings. The Covid-19 pandemic presents us challenges each day but the natural world provides amazing opportunities to support us through these uncertain times. Join Dr Claire Warden as she explores the nurturing power of nature and shares her thoughts on what solutions the natural world can provide us whether you're free to access nature or have limited opportunities to go outside. If we can embrace the natural world, even in small ways, it can help by providing solace and calm as well as emotional and spiritual support. 

Nurturing Hope - This is a recording of a live webinar

Maintaining a positive mindset in yourself and supporting others to do the same can be hard in the best of times. Now we all face the most challenging of times. Join Dr Claire Warden as she shares her thoughts on how we can all nurture hope despite everything. Claire will explore behaviours that will help you feel more secure and comfortable, supporting a positive mental attitude so that you can care for others effectively and approach the future with hope.

Professional Development 

Each webinar provides 1 hour of professional development. You'll receive a certificate of attendance on your completion. You'll have access to the webinar recordings for one year from the time of purchase.

All proceeds from the sale of these webinars will go towards funding Living Classroom’s Virtual Nature School which is helping children around the world connect with nature and each other during these unprecedented times. The Virtual Nature School was created by Dr Claire Warden and is delivered by Living Classrooms CIC in partnership with Mindstretchers Academy.

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