Welcome to Virtual Nature School!

A non-profit service from Living Classrooms in partnership with Mindstretchers Academy for 3 to 11-year-olds

**Please select which weeks you want to participate below**



Dr Claire Warden has opened Virtual Nature School to help parents support their children's inquiry-based learning inside your home and outside in the garden during this time of stay-at-home. 

Every weekday, children learn together with their peers locally and worldwide based on an exciting theme that will engage them in nature-based learning away from their screens and in line with the expectations of the curriculum.


Virtual Nature School is a non-profit service powered by volunteers as we acknowledge that many families are struggling financially during this time of crisis.

While Dr Claire Warden and the facilitators are volunteering their services, there are still unavoidable costs of hosting and delivering the lessons to 100s of children worldwide, therefore we are grateful to those who are in a position to make donations for each week they participate. In turn, we are able to offer a limited number of free places.

Well-wishers who are not taking part in the weekly lessons but wish to help the cause are welcome to leave a contribution on our general donation page found here.

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