Coaching in Context

Bespoke Training for Your Setting

Our coaching in context programme involves our Senior Trainer coming out to your setting to help improve your practice. Coaching in context is a completely bespoke programme where we work with staff and children on specific areas for development. This is explored through modelling good practice, observation and review, one to one meetings or staff training.

In the past we have supported settings with:

  • Consultation, planning and documentation
  • Staff interaction and adult role
  • Curriculum delivery
  • Specific needs of individual children
  • Resources
  • Landscape design
  • Learning in all the environments – indoors, outdoors and beyond

Often settings will request two coaching sessions, these visits are usually 3-6 months apart. Each visit is always accompanied by a summary report detailing the content of the sessions plus advice, recommendations and action plans.

During the first session we visit staff and children to observe and model good practice. We may also include a twilight training session on a subject of your choice during an evening staff meeting.

The second session consists of revisiting progress linked to the action plan and further development of strategies to support staff and children.

For the strongest impact, we also delivery continuous project support when our coaching is extended into a larger project. Our Senior Trainer has been supporting many elementary and senior schools for over 10 years with yearly or bi-annual visits.

To discuss a coaching in context programme to suit you, give us a call on 01764 650030 or drop us an email.

What our customers say about coaching in context:

"It is a tremendous challenge to come to an International School where children from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds are to be educated – a challenge which Kate from Mindstretchers met with great enthusiasm and success. Although new to our core curriculum, Kate quickly embraced its inquiry-based approach and was committed to developing her knowledge so that she could help us link the inside program with the outside programme.

Kate worked with the teachers and guided them over the years to develop and write a spiralling curriculum for the outdoor environment and advised us on how to develop creative outdoor spaces to do this. During each visit, she led professional development for the teams and modelled best practice in outdoor learning. She also advised us on useful workshops, reading materials and research and encouraged the school to set up a collaborative outdoor learning team from across the school. This team still meets to collaborate on a weekly basis.

Kate is clearly an outstanding expert in her field: she has the ability to quickly identify areas that can be improved and provides constructive suggestions to do so. She worked well with all of our teams, exhibiting great flexibility, cooperation and open-mindedness. Kate is well liked and respected by all members of the elementary faculty and by the leadership team. She has been instrumental in helping ISD become a world leader in outdoor education among international schools."

Deputy Principal, International School of Dusseldorf following a long term coaching and mentoring project.