Fire BBQ

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Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools use this cooking system throughout the year. Utilise this tool in your own setting to introduce risk to in your practice and to create exciting learning opportunities with a wide age range of children. Cooking homemade food, creating natural dyes, producing charcoal for artwork: the possibilities are endless.

Use it to make a cosy fire or use the detachable grill support pole and easily adjustable grill height for the BBQ. Base is of steel, chain and griddle in chromium-plated steel, the rest in stainless steel. When it is set up within a proper fire zone it is safe for young children to be near as the outer ring stays cold.

Size :- Griddle 50 cms, Height 49 cms
BBQ can sit on an area of 80 x 80 cms

Please note the lid is no longer available from the supplier.