Global Games Cards: Hopscotch

Global Games Cards: Hopscotch

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Cathy Hope's Global Games Cards, developed in partnership with Mindstretchers, are perfect to encourage children to go outside and play. This is a pocket full of ideas that build on the playfulness of children - practical and portable. These cards are designed to share the possibilities of playing games as a way of enriching childhood. Take them to the park, school, the town or the street and enjoy!

This set focuses on Hopscotch. Within these 30 double sided cards you will find new ways to play Hopscotch, fun facts and information about the history of the game, and see how it is played across the world.

The cards can be used in a classroom or at home, and can be used with guidance from an adult or can be fully child-led.

"Hopscotch is actually one of the world’s favourite games. Perhaps the game of hopscotch has been around ever since children have been on planet Earth.
Children play hopscotch with each other, even if they don’t speak the same language. How good is that?
Hopping has always been something children like to do when they play. It’s natural to want to hop from square to square on pathways, in shopping centres and many other places."

Contains 30 glossy double sided cards.

Ring bound: cards can be taken out of the set and reordered.

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