Global Games Cards: Jacks

Global Games Cards: Jacks

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Cathy Hope's Global Games Cards, developed in partnership with Mindstretchers, are perfect to encourage children to go outside and play. This is a pocket full of ideas that build on the playfulness of children - practical and portable. These cards are designed to share the possibilities of playing games as a way of enriching childhood. Take them to the park, school, the town or the street and enjoy!

This set focuses on Jacks. Within these 30 double sided cards you will find new ways to play Jacks, fun facts and information about the history of the game, and see how it is played across the world.

"Jacks is a global game for friendly play. At first it’s not easy. Try to be patient with yourself and practice over and over again. Soon it will be lots of fun and you will have the necessary skills to play!
With practice your fingers become very clever and you will be able to do lots of other fiddly things."

Contains 30 glossy double sided cards.

Ring bound: cards can be taken out of the set and reordered.

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