Inquiry-based Learning with the Floorbook Approach

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Inquiry-based Learning with the Floorbook Approach® online course created by Dr Claire Warden.  

Get inspired to support inquiry-based learning experiences that tap into children’s natural curiosity and truly engage them. This online course will help you transform the cycle of observation, assessment, planning and documentation to make it responsive, engaging and effective.

What are the benefits of inquiry-based learning?

Young children naturally have the capacity and drive to learn for themselves.

When educators give them opportunities to explore, through play or open-ended learning experiences, we can nurture their curiosity and bring out the best in their learning.

Inquiry-based learning recognises the importance of the child’s voice and allows them to make decisions that follow their interests, giving them agency and independence and supporting their cognitive development.

Inquiry-based learning takes place in a social context and is rich in language and dialogue. It recognises that children learn in different ways and helps them develop a growth mindset that will support them for years to come.

How does the Floorbook Approach support inquiry-based learning?

‘By listening to children and identifying their interests we can create unique learning opportunities that excite and engage them.’

The Floorbook Approach is an innovative inquiry-based approach to observation, documentation and planning which is now implemented in thousands of settings around the world. Dr Claire Warden created the approach to give educators tools to truly consult with children during the planning and documentation process. The approach encourages higher order thinking skills and helps children influence their learning.

Floorbooks and Talking Tubs can be implemented within many approaches inspired by the work of Malaguzzi, Frobel, Montessori. They support rights-based and nature-centred pedagogies to give children a voice and a sense of empowerment, whilst tracking their inquiries against a curriculum to monitor breadth and balance.

Details of our online course - Inquiry-based Learning with the Floorbook Approach

Join Dr Claire Warden, the creator of the Floorbook Approach, as she explains the theory and practice of the approach, so that you can start using Floorbooks to create an enabling environment within your setting.

Claire will also show you how to ensure the quality of your Floorbooks and Talking Tubs and how best to use them with infants and toddlers. Additionally you’ll explore your role as an adult to build trusting, warm and connected relationships within the learning community.

Watch videos that bring learning to life. You’ll be able to watch how we support inquiry-based learning at our very own award-winning Auchlone Nature Kindergarten. Through these videos we’ll share some great practical ideas for you to implement with your children straight away.

The course includes ongoing support from Claire who will be available to answer your questions, support your plans to embed your learning and help you overcome any challenges you may have. 

The course is designed to take 4 – 6 months to complete, this includes time to embed your learning and evaluate your practice.

The course includes the following online modules and academy talks:

  • Introduction to Floorbooks
  • Introduction to Talking Tubs
  • Moving on with Floorbooks
  • Moving on with Talking Tubs
  • Adult Role - Consider the words you use
  • How to improve the quality of your Floorbooks
  • How to use a Floorbook to engage infants and toddlers

PLUS! A copy of Claire's e-book 'Talking and Thinking Floorbooks', Learning Journal to support your professional development, Floorbook poster, useful downloads and certificate of completion for proof of your professional development.

‘Inquiry-based Learning with the Floorbook Approach’ is aimed at all professionals working within Early Years Childcare and Education who want to reflect on and grow their own practice. This course starts at an introductory level and therefore no pre-requisite learning is required.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  1. Understand the potential of inquiry-based learning as an inspiring approach to engage and support children.
  2. Feel confident in creating a stimulating learning environment for children.
  3. Document children’s voices with Floorbooks.
  4. Demonstrate how to set up your Floorbook and use it in your planning cycle.
  5. Describe how to obtain breadth and balance in your planning and documentation.
  6. Monitor the quality of your Floorbooks.
  7. Effectively use the Floorbook Approach with infants and toddlers to implement in the moment planning.
  8. Explain the purpose of Talking Tubs and how they support child-led learning.
  9. Describe the practicalities of creating Talking Tubs that inspire children to participate in their learning.
  10. Create a variety of Talking Tubs for use within your setting.
  11. Explain how to promote higher order thinking skills (HOTS).
  12. Understand children’s rights and the role of the adult.
  13. Feel confident in your role and put excellent pedagogy into practice.

Professional Development
This online course provides a minimum of 10 hours professional development. You'll have access to it for one year from the time of purchase.

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