Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools 2nd ED. (Paperback)

Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools 2nd ED. (Paperback)

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An exploration on naturalistic learning within Nature Kindergartens and Forest Schools. This title provides a balance of academic research and case studies of children's voices to explore all the facets of setting up and coordinating a Nature Kindergarten. It will give you the knowledge and theoretical understanding that you need to open, run, support, or implement parts of the nature kindergarten and forest school philosophy.

Claire Warden's Philosophy of the Nature Kindergartens is an awe inspiring blend of a naturalistic space indoors, a landscape designed by children and a wild space where children can be outside for up to 90 percent of their day all year round.

With a Foreword by Lynn McNair O.B.E., full colour photography throughout, bringing the book to life through the children's learning stories including case studies and key points.


"Every now and then a little treasure comes along that celebrates the child and childhood. This book is just that little bit of gold dust. It is warm, passionate, yet strong and brave and will support you on your ongoing journey wherever it may lead. Be prepared to be awakened.

Claire begins by sharing her vision of the Nature Kindergartens. Here, she presents her view of the child as a capable, competent and trustworthy individual. This ontological view is threaded throughout the book, emerging in waves from other discussions, seamlessly and intrinsically. There is a sense of a drive to achieve a transformation of education in Scotland by providing a more coherent, flexible and enriched natural curriculum, advocating children not as sole leaders of their learning, but within an equilibrium where children and adults together negotiate, where children are listen to and encouraged to apply their own logic to any given situation, rather tan trying to impress on them our adult intellect. The word 'respect' surfaces as often as does 'consultation', respect for the child as a natural, active learner who should be consulted throughout the ongoing process of learning."

-Excerpt from Foreword by Lynn McNair O.B.E.


"First, this is a beautiful, dare I say, almost coffee-table-ish book. A sprig of ivy graces the beginning of each chapter, the pages themselves have a handmade paper background, and there are hundreds of well-chosen illustrative photographs of children immersed in the natural world. "

-Review by David Sobel in Children, Youth and Environments Journal August 2013.

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