Talkaround Mat

  • £ 84.00
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We have designed this mat with a carry bag to support practitioners in consulting children in the planning process. The mat is handmade locally in Perthshire.

Our Talkaround Mat brings together the entire Talking and Thinking Floorbook Approach, creating a portable area for an educator to use their Floorbook, Talking Tubs, and provoke discussion.

The design of the mat provides children with a focused area where they can sit in a circle and talk. Talking Tubs or objects can then be placed in the middle of the mat which allows for 3D mind-mapping. The mat provides a space for an educator to encourage child-led discussions which will create possible lines of development for future learning. Durable, waterproof, 2m in diameter, circular mat encourages groups of children to sit down and share their thinking.

Big enough for a group of 12 children. Dual purpose loops to carry, or to anchor it outdoors.

We also sell Yellow Strips of paper which can be used in 3D mind-mapping. 

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