Communication Book (A3 - 42 x 29.7 cm)

Communication Book (A3 - 42 x 29.7 cm)

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At Auchlone Nature Kindergarten we use a communication book to allow visitors and parents to write their messages, thoughts and feedback into. It is key to ensure that you are involving parents in your planning and in your setting as a whole, and a communication book is a great informal way to begin engaging parents at your setting.

Help parents to see that they are a part of your setting and help them to improve your practice. Communication books are great to bring along to larger events (such as nativities and fundraising events) and to parent council meetings to summarise notes for visitors. The thick heavy duty paper and large size is perfect for allowing children to contribute their thoughts and feelings.

The communication book is a part of the Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach® which helps to link families into the approach.

  • A3 size (42 x 29.7 cms)
  • Heavy 270gsm paper
  • Spiral bound so that it can lay flat for adults to write and in and view with ease. Also helps with display purposes.
  • Cover is blank for children or families to decorate to help you personalise your communication book and make it represent the heart of your practice.
  • Includes 30 pages which gives plenty of room for your families to engage with. Many settings choose to use one communication book per year or per six month period. Primary schools and larger settings may decide to have one communication book per classroom or group to document the larger events that happen throughout the year.

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