Week of 18 - 22 May - Colourways

Week of 18 - 22 May - Colourways

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DATES: Monday 18 to Friday 22 May

UK TIME: 10am - 1pm 


VENUE: Online - Join in via computer, tablet or phone


The natural world is full of beautiful colours. Join us for an inquiry that explores natural dyes right in your kitchen, colours right outside your window and ways to use them to create wonderful works of art



How Virtual Nature School works:

  1. Enter the virtual classroom at the start time to get suggestions for the day's activities
  2. Get off the screen and work on the day's inquiry - it usually involves getting active and making something!
  3. Come back to the virtual classroom and share what you have done and see what others have been working on.
  4. We will explore the same theme all week to allow children to build on their learning each day

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Question - Is this suitable for all ages?
    • Answer - The learning is child-led and inquiry-based for ages 3 up to 11, so children can participate according to their ability. For group discussions, we sometimes split into groups based on age if we have enough children i.e. Ages 3 to 5, 6 to 7 and 8 to 11.
  • Question - What if I can't make it live or have to miss some days?
    • Answer - To get the most out of the learning, it's best to participate in the LIVE virtual sessions and attend all 5 days. But your child will still benefit if they can only attend some days as the instructions will be recorded and available to watch and practice at your convenience.


What you can expect from Virtual Nature School:

  • Ideas for inquiry-based learning in line with the curriculum
  • Small virtual groups for children to interact with their peers
  • Nature play diary to document learning and memories during the period away from school
  • Minimal screen time - get ideas from the virtual classroom and apply them in real life!
  • A worldwide community of nature-loving families sharing and connecting


About Donations

Virtual Nature School is a non-profit service from Living Classrooms, a social enterprise that has partnered with Mindstretchers Academy to provide a positive learning solution for families during this time of staying at home due to coronavirus. 

We recognise that many families are struggling financially at the moment, which is why we offer a limited number of FREE spaces each week.

While our instructors and facilitators kindly volunteer their time and expertise, we still have to pay for the technical aspects of delivering the learning to you, which is why we ask for small contributions from those who are able. If you are in a position to donate more, then that will help other families to access the service for free.

If you are not joining the school but wish to contribute, or your desired amount is not listed above, then we are grateful for your contribution to our general donations page by clicking here.

Thank you to those who are able to contribute. Without you, we would only be able to afford to help a handful of children. And with your help, we can provide hope and fun-filled education to 100s of children around the world.

 If you are unable to contribute and need a free place, then please contact us and we will make it happen for you!


With the schools closed and everyone encouraged to stay at home, Dr Claire Warden will be offering parents and children an opportunity to get daily motivation and ideas to continue their nature-based inquiries while at home - both inside and outside. 

Social distancing and self-isolation don't have to mean being alone. With our virtual peer groups, children get to link up with fellow nature-loving friends from around the world to share ideas and inspire each other.  

Dr Claire Warden believes that in these times, it is more important than ever to provide children with routine and stability as a way of navigating the uncertainty we're currently experiencing. Starting the day in the virtual classroom will give your day structure and ensure that your children's learning is in keeping with the curriculum. 

    **This is a non-profit service to all during this stay-at-home period from the non-profit Living Classrooms in association with Mindstretchers Academy. We rely on voluntary donations from those who can afford it to keep the service going.**