A message of hope from Dr Claire Warden

Watch as Claire explains the concept of RAFT to support children in these unprecedented times.

Coronavirus Support:
Dr Claire Warden opens a non-profit Virtual Nature School for 3-11 year olds!

In response to the need for quality nature-based learning resources during Stay-At-Home, Dr Claire Warden has opened Virtual Nature School to help parents support their children's inquiry-based learning inside your home and outside in the garden. 

The school will also allow children to virtually interact with their peers around the world in small groups so they feel connected to others during these times of self-isolation and social distancing.

Each weekday morning Claire will be available at the start of the session with ideas and inspiration to explore nature with curiosity and joy. You're invited to return to the virtual classroom after a couple of hours to share your work and accomplishments.

This is a non-profit service provided by the non-profit Living Classrooms in partnership with Mindstretchers Academy.  Each week there are a limited number of free spaces and then we ask that you make a donation toward the cost of hosting the service online. All the instructors are volunteers.

We've also created a FREE NATURE PLAY DIARY - download it here

Virtual Nature School every weekday morning in UK and Australia (Canada & USA coming soon)

"In my experience of working with children in unsettling times, the key is routine and stability in their world, combined with the positive mindset that this will pass, and we will be together again"

Dr Claire Warden

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