Dr Claire Warden has a wealth of experience and knowledge in early childhood education and is one of the world's leading educational consultants and writers.

She's inspired 1,000's of practitioners around the world to encourage children's connection to the natural world through Nature Pedagogy and to use her ground-breaking Floorbook Approach® to engage children in their learning. 

Claire created the Floorbook Approach to support genuine inquiry-based learning. It's a meaningful methodology of planning, documenting, critically reflecting and evidencing children's learning with them not for them.

Claire's PhD 'Creation and Theorisation of Nature Pedagogy' has established her as a go-to expert in Nature Pedagogy. She is the founder of the International Association of Nature Pedagogy which promotes and supports all forms of nature-based education throughout the world.

To date, Claire has authored more than 20 books. They will support you in your practice and provide a wealth of fascinating information and ideas to inspire your work with children.