FREE DOWNLOAD - Inquiries - Issue 7 - Language of Nature

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INQUIRIES - Issue 7 - Language of Nature

Floorbooks are the hub for conversations, playful actions and moments. They are wonderful to use with children of all ages.

In this Issue, Claire shares the place of Floorbooks and Talking Tubs in the development and celebration of place-based language. This particular example came from a map that noted all the names we use for a Woodlouse!

INQUIRIES - A guide to planning with and for children

Transform the way you feel about planning and documentation!

Dr Claire Warden presents INQUIRIES. A series of guides that are designed to share Claire's joy and fascination of responsive planning with and for children.

The guides provide examples from all over the world of how colleagues have transformed their practice and now feel motivated to engage in the responsive planning process. By creating engaging environments inside, outside and beyond the gate, they're supporting children to flourish.

We really hope that their stories engage and inspire you and help you make the most of Floorbooks for the planning and documentation of inquiry-based learning.

These are FREE resources but if you enjoy using Inquiries, a donation (no matter how small or large) would be very welcome!

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